bh8228 climate controller

●capable of controlling 16 fan groups (including 1 minimum ventilation system). the minimum ventilation fan group can be set to run alternately.

●capable to be connected with in-house and out-house temperature sensor, humidity senosr and pressure sensor.

●it can automatically control the heating system, alarm system, fogging system, cooling system, airinlet system, curtain system, lighting and feeding system.

●including two sets of analog signal output, automatically control speed-adjusting fan and lighting intensity.

●included with temp dropping table and body weight increasing table, auto adjusts in-house temperature and control the minimum ventilation amount as per bird growing.

●automatically record the water and feed consumption. automatically record and manage the historical data.

●automatic alarm output, supporting a variety of alarm types.

●with the function of restoring to factory setting.

●computer remote communication and management.

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