drinking system

1. the water front parts is equipped with a double-layer filter with better filtering effect, and besides, it is equipped with grade ii pressure regulating valves, by which the inlet water pressure can be adjusted into a suitable range. by opening or closing the ball valve, it can perform different operations including normal water feeding, dosing and water feeding, and water line flushing.

2. there are two kinds of drinking nipples (red and yellow) for feeding breeders and broilers respectively. water can come out from the upper top by laterally tapping in any direction within 360°. its water flow can be adjusted according to water pressure to meet the drinking demands of the poultry of different ages in days.

3. the water line is suspended by a 1500l lifting winch to enable it to be raised or lowered freely. the weldless roll-forming support pipe is of better anti-corrosive performance and can ensure the water line to be flat and straight.

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