57 cone fan

●the fan can run for a long time under a negative pressure of 100 pa, and has a strong pressure resistance;

●the permanent magnet motor and control part are integrated, with a motor efficiency of 91.2%, which is efficient and energy-saving;

●speed regulation: through the 0-10 v signal, the stepless speed regulation of motor can be achieved, with a range of 215 rpm-750 rpm;

●the motor is designed with wide voltage, which can adapt to the voltage range of 340 v-460 v and run for a long time;

●it is fully plastic, which is corrosion-resistant, rust-free, weather-resistant and anti-aging;

●the direct drive transmission has a high efficiency, and daily maintenance such as belt tensioning maintenance is not required;

●the opening and closing of butterfly sheet is driven by an electric valve, showing a good sealing effect.

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