the discussion of swine building in the post-pg电子官方

july 15, 2021

in recent years, the construction of pig farms in china has been changed. one of the reasons is the bio-safety of pig farms is fully upgrading because of the infection with african swine fever virus (asf). another reason is the swine building has become widespread because of scarce land resources . these two changes let the farmers consider more deeply on the swine building. building and maintaining a stable biosafety system is the root of the healthy development of swine building. to solve the problem of swine buildings’ bio-safety, china wine industry, vol.16, no.166 published “the discussion of swine building in the post-asf-era” which written bychief scientist zhichun yan from new hope group, professor jijun liu from china agricultural university and engineer chao pang from big herdsman. this paper sorted and analyzed the problem of bio-safety in the process of construction from three following respects.

reasonable location and scientific layout

swine building is a highly centralized farm. we should pay attention to the rationality of the farm choice, and grade it on biological safety level by designing, so that the flow direction of people, materials, pigs and waste can be reasonable arranged.

production process design and equipment application

each floor of the building is relatively independent. it uses small-unit-batch-feeding model, and each batch is "all in all out". in this way, it can prevent the spread of disease in the piggery. each layer has a production line, and each layer is independently equipped with personnel, materials, washing and other facilities. set regional classification and clarify biosafety boundaries. reduce cross-layer transit, and distinguish healthy swine, obsolete swine and bad swine.

the environmental control plan should be adapted to local conditions to provide a high-quality small environmental climate for the piggery. equipped with fresh air filter can control the spread of diseases at the source of the air. pneumatic feed delivery, high-altitude feed line delivery or in-situ feed truck transfer are used for centralized feed supply to prevent foreign feed trucks from entering the site.

waste treatment

treatment of sick swine and dead swine: arrange timely isolation, strict transfer, special operation, disinfection and sterilization, and arrange the whole process of harmless treatment of "sealing, transferring, eliminating and killing".

exhaust treatment: the exhaust end of the piggery is equipped with a filter system to fully treat the emissions before the exhaust is discharged to the outside atmosphere to reduce the spread of harmful gases and pathogens.

fecal treatment: clean the fecal in the building to block the floors between floors to prevent the spread of diseases between floors through swine fecal.

the general trend of change in the swine industry under the african swine fever has taken shape. the building piggery developed and constructed by major breeding companies have explored feasible solutions for the new generation of swine building breeding models, which may become the intensive and efficient breeding of china in the future. only through reasonable planning and layout, effective environmental control mode, intelligent facilities and equipment, stable biosafety structure and efficient production management, a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly "swine factory" can be established. the building piggery can truly achieve "small area, high output, less labor and high income", and become the main force of modern animal husbandry.